Alan E. Hall is a consummate businessman and entrepreneur with a personal mission to create jobs and lift local economies. His expertise in business, leadership skills and investments has brought thousands of jobs to countries worldwide and earned him multiple prestigious business awards.

As a long-time entrepreneur, Alan has directly launched and led multiple businesses and organizations, most notably Marketstar Corporation and Tempus Global Data. He is also an experienced investor. As such, he serves as co-founder and managing director of Mercato Partners, a top-performing growth equity venture capital fund.

Alan is a firm believer in community involvement and currently serves as chairman of the following organizations: Weber State University's board of trustees, Weber State University's capital campaign committee, Ogden Pioneer Heritage Foundation and Prosperity 2020. He is also a committed philanthropist and serves as co-founder and co-chair of the Hall Foundation.

For more information on Alan Hall and the various organizations he is currently affiliated with, please see the links below. You can also access his detailed bio under the "About" tab at the top of this page.

Business and Investment Ventures:

Marketstar - A global outsourced marketing and sales company that pioneered the industry when Alan founded it in 1988.

Tempus Global Data - An innovative satellite company that has the capabilities to accurately predict severe weather and atmospheric changes.

Mercato Partners - A trusted growth capital investor for expansion stage technology companies seeking marketing and sales growth.

Grow Utah Ventures - A privately funded not-for-profit organization dedicated to unlocking, stimulating and developing the entrepreneurial talent and early-stage business opportunities across Utah.


Community and Philanthropic Endeavors:

Prosperity 2020 - A business-led movement committed to enhancing Utah's educational system through investment, innovation, and volunteerism.

Ogden Pioneer Days - An annual statehood celebration held in Ogden, Utah that draws in tens of thousands of people annually and repeatedly earns the title of the Best Rodeo in the Wilderness Circuit.

Alan E. Hall Sales Center - An innovative program at Weber State University dedicated to advancing and elevating sales techniques by redefining sales around the customer.

Hall Global Entrepreneurship Program - A unique minor at Weber State University available to students from any major who seek to take an entrepreneurial path.

Hall Foundation - A not-for-profit organization funded by Alan and Jeanne Hall to support and provide for the needy.

Alan Hall is a champion of entrepreneurs and
entrepreneurial ventures at every level,
ranging from individuals with a start-up idea to
multi-national corporations.
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